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Maximise Health & Performance by Talking, Tracking and Managing your Menstrual Cycle...


Everyone is an individual, and it is important to understand how your body responds and what is normal for you – tracking your menstrual cycle is a great starting point.
To start identifying patterns collect 3-6 months of data:
dates of bleeding, length of menses, the severity of symptoms (physical and emotional).

Do this alongside performance data - keep a record of your training (e.g. Hours, Distance, Number of Sessions per week) and how you are feeling in these sessions in relation to your cycle.

Ways to Track
Use whichever way suits you best and will achieve consistency
• App on your phone – Apple Health, Clue, Period Tracker Lite*
• Pen and paper
• Phone notes

*Please note that these third-party app suggestions are provided for your information only. These apps are not endorsed by sportscotland, nor does sportscotland have any control of the apps.


Speak openly with your coaches & support staff about your menstrual cycle. Discuss IF training modifications would help during your menstrual cycle –not every athlete will need to modify training.
Seek Medical advice if:
• You are 16 or over and have not yet had a period
• You have gone longer than 3 months without a period
• There are certain symptoms associated with periods you are struggling with
• You have concerns about eating, weight or self image
• You needs advice on managing your periods


After tracking for 4-5 cycles, if you have any concerns then speak to your coaches and support staff.
Establish if modifications need to be made to your training (for example, your coach may be able to
plan intense training phases around when you feel your best).
If you need advice on managing your periods better reach out for further medical advice to understand all of the available options. If you have any concerns, speak to your coaches and support staff.

Download a copy of the Talk, Track, Manage here: Talk, track, manage PDF Download

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