Winter Health WADA update

WADA update

Please make sure you understand this important area. Antidoping violations remain a concern in performance sport and it is important for you to know about the changes planned for 2024 and where to get advice.


Anti-Doping Prohibited List 2024 and updated WADA Code.

The new Prohibited List for 2024 from WADA will be effective on the 1st January 2024. It can be found in detail on the following link: 2024 WADA Code Assess the need, the risk and the consequence of taking a medicine or supplement Medication checking on this site


Supplement risk minimisation through Informed Sport .

It is the personal responsibility of each Athlete to know their medicines and supplements, to comply with the regulations and to be acquainted with the new rules.

You can check your supplements on this site: 

Sports Supplements Certification | Informed Sport (

Remember this is a risk minimisation scheme and strict liability means that you are responsible for any substance found in your body.


Athlete Support Personnel Responsibilities.

It is the personal responsibility of each Athlete Support Personnel to comply with the regulations, to be acquainted with the new rules and to promote a Clean Sport environment. Are you up to date with the UKAD support personnel elearning and accreditation?