Winter Health infographic

Winter health key points

Below is an infographic which provides some additional considerations for over the winter months.

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Hands, face, space

  • Keep your hands clean and use hand sanitiser that is at least 75% alcohol-based.
  • Avoid indoor spaces or contact with others if you have any cold/flu like symptoms
  • Consider wearing a mask (covering your mouth and nose) when indoors, especially in poorly ventilated spaces, or on public transport.


  • Get the flu jab – make an appointment at your local SIS office If eligible, get your COVID vaccine booster


  • Prioritise sleep and understand your sleep needs.
  • Get enough good quality sleep to help your body recover, maintain your immune system and perform well.


Support your immune system and performance with good nutrition.

  • Eat a wide range of fruit and vegetables to maintain your health during the winter.
  • Include protein rich foods in you main meals and snacks
  • Be appropriately fuelling for each training session
  • Don’t delay your refuelling strategy
  • Maintain hydration and avoid sharing drinks bottles
  • Adults over the age of 18 should consider supplementing with a batch tested/ pharmaceutical graide 2000IU of Vitamin D per day from October to the end of March. If unsure please speak to a member of the SIS medical or nutrition team or see the Vit D infographic for more information.

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