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Sleep education for athletes

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Sleep is a game changer

Physical benefits

  • Longer career, fewer injuries and less illness
  • Enhances muscle recovery, glycogen stores, immune defences, bone health and weight control
  • Improved muscle strength, sprint speed and accuracy

Mental benefits

  • Improved mood, motivation and focus
  • New skills learned faster, improved mental accuracy, concentration, new memory formation
  • Improved decision making and reaction times


How to improve sleep


General advice

  • Have consistent bed and wake times
    Tip: Set alarms for both on your phone
  • Keep your bedroom quiet, cool and comfortable
    Tip: Consider ear plugs and eye masks
  • Take care with ca¬eine and alcohol
    Tip: Limit intake, avoid ca¬eine late in the day
  • Practise calming the mind
    Tip: Try an App (e.g. Mindfulness, Headspace or Calm)

Specific advice

  • Try sleep extension-VERY effective
    Tip: Go to bed ½ hour earlier, lie-in at weekends (+1hr max)
  • Minimise bright light exposure before bedtime
    Tip: Switch off electronic devices 1hr before bed, dim them 2hrs before bed
  • Top up sleep with naps
    Tip: Limit to 20-30mins and not after 4pm
  • Try PMR
    Tip: Google it (Progressive Muscle Relaxation)

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